Friday 19 August 2011


Just over two weeks to go to the show and most of the figures are now done. Here is the completed Volksgrenadier battalion, with its three, 12 man rifle companies and supporting MMG, mortar and infantry gun platoons and HQ group. Most of the figures are Chiltern Miniatures, although this particular range is now owned by SHQ I believe. The infantry gun and mortar crew are Britannia, whilst the mortar itself and the HQ group are Raventhorpe.

Volksgrenadier divisions were an attempt to replace many of the formations lost during the summer of 1944. These hastily created divisions were generally understrength and lacking in equipment. Many of the men were drawn from redundant air and naval units and were largely untrained in infantry skills. Nonetheless, some of these divisions, which made up the majority  of the German infantry in the Ardennes, fought surprisingly well. One such was the 18th, which operated with great skill in the fighting around St Vith. This battalion would be classed as "regular", rather than "militia" using Rapid Fire! rules.

Next to be completed are the FBB panzer grenadiers. The figures are done, but the various vehicles still need a little work. Hopefully I will be able to post the results soon.

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