Friday 12 August 2011

German Order of Battle

The Germans are divided into 2 Kampfgruppen; the first, moving down the left hand road (see the 9 August posting), consists of elements of the FBB: an armoured panzer grenadier battalion, with an HQ, 3 infantry companies (each of 12 figures and an MMG platoon), a FLAK platoon (Drilling AA) and a medium mortar platoon. This is supported by 2 companies, each of 2 JgpzIV/70(a). The second, moving down the right hand road comprises elements of the 18th Volksgrenadier Division, supported by further units from the FBB. The VG have a single battalion comprising an HQ element, 3 infantry companies (12 figures each) with MMG, mortar and infantry gun platoons, supported by a Hetzer SPG. This force is bolstered by a FBB panzer company (2 x PZIVs), plus a dismounted panzer grenadier company and a Mobelwagen SPAA vehicle. The whole force is supported by a battalion of 2 x 105mm howitzers - in the early stages of the attack, the Germans experienced great difficulty in bringing forward enough artillery.

Both sides will find it difficult in this game I think. The Americans are rather thin on the ground to begin with and have little in the way of armoured support. The task force from 7th Armoured will have to negotiate the refugee choked town of Rodt before they can offer any assistance. The Germans, whilst having better armour, will find their infantry very exposed as they attempt to cross the open ground. Hopefully it will offer a close game.

As things stand the majority of the American force is ready. I still have most of the German vehicles and maybe 25% of the figures still to do. I also need to make a few more wood modules and the whole of Rodt still needs building. A busy 3 weeks ahead I think!

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