Tuesday 9 August 2011

Ardennes 1944 display game

 At last, I finally have something to post concerning the Ardennes demo game I am putting together for PARTIZAN on September 4. Although things have been very quiet so far as posts are concerned, I haven't been idle. The terrain boards are finally complete and the photo above gives a general idea of the terrain layout. The table is 8' x 5' with a railway embankment running down the right hand side. The German attackers, comprising elements of the Fuhrer Begleit Brigade and 18th Volksgrenadier Division are approaching down the two roads at the top of the picture against a scratch force of American recce and engineer detachments. As the game opens, a hastily assembled Task Force from the 7th Armoured Division is arriving along the road at the bottom of the picture to stem the German advance.

As well as completing the terrain boards, many of the figures and vehicles are also finished, as are some of the drop on terrain pieces, such as buildings and areas of woodland. With only three and a half weeks to go however, there is still a long way to go before the game is ready for its first public outing.

To the left of the road junction, lies the small village of  Ober Emmels; the foremost outpost of the American defences. South of the junction is the more substantial town of Rodt. The area is further broken up by expanses of dense fir woods. Over the next 3 weeks I will hopefully make regular postings which will show the additional features of the game as they are completed. If you are planning to be at the show, by all means drop by and say hello. To be continued....

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