Thursday 2 July 2020

Napoleonic Russian Cavalry

A little short of Russian cavalry at the moment; only have a single "standard" dragoon regiment, with another under paint and a brigade of Mark Allen mercenaries in the form of 2 regiments of Kurassiers. Again these came in 16s so had to stretch them a bit to fill the six bases. Lovely and chunky old Foundry figures with Mark's hand painted flags.

Did these dragoons some time ago and only had 17 figures on hand. Cheated a bit with one of the bases (see the last photo). Quite like adding a bit of extra detail to the bases occasionally - a bit of fencing or some standing water.

Perry figures with GMB flag. Should have the 2nd regiment done soon and also have a 24 man (large) hussar unit about half done. Will probably add a second in time, along with a lancer and a couple of small Cossack regiments.