Sunday 11 September 2011

More Partizan pics

A few more pics of the Partizan game last Sunday. A couple of general shots, fleeing refugees, a deployed American field artillery battalion and some advancing Germans. This was the first display game I have ever put on by myself - I usually operate with the Bramley Barn group - and it was very satisfying to do it as an integrated project. The terrain making side of the hobby is really enjoyable and the key to any good looking game.

Thursday 8 September 2011

Partizan 2011

It was a tight finish but managed to get it all done in time! The day went well with everything set up before the doors opened to the public.  It was the first time that I had seen the whole thing laid out, including the figures and vehicles and it looked pretty good. Unsurprisingly perhaps, it was the only snow game at the show and attracted a lot of comment. We didn't play the game through as such; one of  the real pleasures of Partizan for me is talking to people  I only see at this show. Had a chat with Colin Rumford about the excellent new Rapid Fire book on Monty's Desert Battles and his forthcoming and much anticipated (by me at any rate) book on Crete. As I was set up next to The League of Augsburg game, I also had a very pleasant chinwag with Barry Hilton, who had samples of his new Grand Alliance range - and very nice they were too. As usual the Newark club put on a good show, but it did seem rather quiet to me. Even so, a good day out and as my first solo effort demo game, a success.

The first picture shows a column of traffic-jammed American armour trying to force its way through crowds of fleeing refugees in Rodt. The second has elements of the FBB entering
Ober Emmels directly whilst others outflank it to the North.
I may in due course decide to sell the Partizan set up (in whole or in part), so let me know if you are interested.