Tuesday 23 August 2011

Fuhrer Begleit Brigade

The Fuhrer Begleit (escort) Brigade (FBB) was, in an earlier and smaller incarnation, charged with guarding Hitler's headquarters. By the winter of 1944, it had been expanded into a powerful  brigade sized formation, containing  armour, infantry, artillery and other supporting services. Part of 5th Panzer army's armoured reserve, it was committed to the fighting around St Vith in an attempt to capture this vital town.

Elements of the brigade are represented in the game, including the armoured panzer grenadier battalion pictured here. Each of the three companies (15 figures) are carried in two hanomags and are supported by a mortar platoon and HQ group with a "Drilling" AAA hanomag providing air cover - quite a powerful force. The battalion will be supported in its attack down the northern road by 2 companies of assault guns. The figures are mainly Chiltern with a few Raventhorpe infantry in winter camo thrown in.

The vehicles and figures for the game are now all finished, save for a group of civilian "refugees". I am currently working on the remaining wood bases and buildings that are needed to complete the terrain. A tight schedule, but I should get there!!

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