Friday 13 February 2015

Grand Alliance Parade Part 4 (English and Dutch Infantry)

The bulk of my allied infantry is made up of English (4) and Dutch (6) battalions, each of 30 figures. I do have a couple of Prussian battalions block painted, but they have fallen down the pecking order on my painting table at the moment. Despite the lack of posts I have been pretty busy, particularly on the terrain front, but until I can get my terrain boards sorted (a big and messy job), I can't display the figures as well as I would like. Here are the last remaining infantry units in the collection as it currently stands.


                                                             1st Guards

                                                        North and Grey's






                                               Gard te Voet


The English battalions are a mixture of Dixon's and Warfare Miniatures. The first 4 Dutch battalions are Dixons, the Guards and Scots are from the Foundry range.

A number of these battalions featured in this blog some years ago in their Lily Banners' format - 18 figures on 3 bases. Since then, I have "gone large" and added a base to each flank to make them 30 strong. Although a considerable increase in cost and painting time, the results have been well worthwhile and the units look very impressive when deployed.

A couple of years ago, I posted pics of my (then) completed cavalry for this collection; 6 French and 2 English regiments, all from the superb Warfare Miniatures stable. Since then the mounted arm for both sides has grown considerably and these will feature in my next post. Until then, happy wargaming!