Tuesday 20 December 2022

Arrived at Last!!


Hi All.

Well it has finally arrived - a few days late, but considering all the postage troubles at the moment, not too bad. Firstly a quick apology: I have sent out all the inland copies but the chap behind the counter at the Post Office clearly didn't have English as his first language because despite asking for 1st Class postage "for everything" after the first 7 had been processed he said - "you did say 2nd Class didn't you?" Being English I said no, I wanted 1st Class, but not to worry (that wasn't what I was really thinking!). So a few of you will be getting your copies a day or two late - sorry about that!

Here are a few photos that you might enjoy, whilst waiting for it to arrive - these are my pre-production shots, but you get the general idea.

If you would like to order a copy for immediate despatch PAYPAL is probably the best way to go. The book costs £23.50 within the UK including 1st Class postage (!!) £27.00 in Europe and £29.00 for the rest of the world.

You can contact me at steveshann@blueyonder.co.uk if you have any questions.

The book has come out rather well with some lovely photos and maps. I hope you will enjoy it. 

Thanks very much once again for your support - if you like it, please tell your friends, as getting the word out there is the biggest problem for one man bands such as I

Last but not least, I hope you all have a pleasant Christmas and New Year and a great wargaming 2023.



Friday 2 December 2022

Let's Fight Leipzig! An Update

Hi All

Finished at last and here is the front cover:

I am really pleased with the way it has turned out. There are a dozen scenarios from the great battle, each with some background information, specially commissioned maps and orders of battle as well as special rules where appropriate for each scenario.

There is also a little historical background to put the battle into context, but unlike in my Seelow Heights book, where much of the information I included was less widely known, Leipzig is a very well documented battle, so I have kept it to a minimum.

Here is the map from the Lindenau scenario. All are full page and, (I think), have come out particularly well.

Due to the Christmas rush, the printers think that delivery should be around the 15th of December - a bit tight for Santa! So I am taking advance orders now if you would like to get a copy in time for the festivities. Apparently last posting date for 1st Class mail is the 21st. This will allow me to pre-write the envelopes and get them out the day after they arrive from the printers.

Please email me at steveshann@blueyonder.co.uk to reserve a copy and please be sure to include your FULL address and postcode.

The book costs £19.50 + £4.00 postage and packing in the UK (£23.50 in total). To Europe the total is £27.00 and £29.00 to the rest of the world.

Payment via PAYPAL to my email address: steveshann@blueyonder.co.uk

Those of you in North America should be able to obtain a copy from "On Military Matters" in due course. I am also pleased to report that Elite Miniatures Australia have agreed to carry it for me Down Under. Please contact them if you would like to reserve/order a copy.

I hope you like it!

As a one man band it is rather difficult to get the word out about what I am doing, so if you know anyone who might be interested or, if having bought it, you feel able to give it a review or mention on any blogs, forums or Facebook pages you visit, I would really apprecate it.

Many thanks.

Wednesday 26 October 2022

AWI British

Following on from the Americans that featured last time are some more British. First up is a generic Loyalist unit in a mix of red jackets and civilian dress. One of the things I like about this period is the ability to mix and match costume within a unit, particularly for the Americans - this unit is fairly well provided for but still a bit ragged.

Next is one of my favourite units, the 71st Highlanders. Veterans of numerous actions in the war and a must for any AWI British force.

Next is the equally famous 33rd Foot, also veterans of numerous actions. Did them in roundabouts as they are extremely easy to paint, carrying minimal kit and having no regimental facings.

After them the 23rd Foot, distinguished by the white hat feathers. This is the second unit to be done in roundabouts (and probably the last). I am not really sure how widespread this form of dress was and the next two battalions probably the 63rd and 64th, which are already winging their way to me from the Perrys, will be in cut down coats

Can't claim any credit (other than the basing) for the next unit - British light dragoons in southern dress, painted by Mark Allen and purchased by me a few years ago.

And finally three command bases, the last one also by Mark Allen - I really must work on my photography!!

As I mentioned there are two more British units to do and a couple of Hessians, which should boost the collection considerably. After that probably more continentals, British light infantry, grenadiers......!

Thursday 20 October 2022

Let's Fight Leipzig!

Following on from my Seelow Heights scenario book, published a couple of years ago, I have decided to go back to one of my first loves in wargaming - Napoleonic.

Always a big fan of large scale battles, especially re-fights of historical actions, I thought that a Napoleonic scenario book would be fun and interesting to do. I took the title from Peter Gilder's articles in Miniature Wargames 4 and 5 (all the way back in 1983!) and it is, I suppose, a kind of homage to him and everything he did for the hobby.

The book itself is very similar in style to my Seelow Heights volume, with a dozen scenarios featuring attractively drawn maps and detailed orders of battle. There is a little background information as well, although I have cut this back compared to Seelow as it is very easy to find detailed material on this battle from such authors as Nafziger and Hofschroer amongst others. I have also included a large number of colour photos of troops in action; below are three of the working snaps I took, prior to having the actual shots taken by a professional who knows what he is doing! I must admit they look pretty nice.

Publication should be around the end of November.

I will let everyone know when it is available, mainly on various Facebook pages and wargaming forums or you can keep checking back on this blog for the latest updates.

Thursday 21 July 2022

Back to AWI

Another great find on Youtube was a channel run by a group of North American wargamers called Little Wars TV: Little Wars TV - Home If you are not familiar with it, I suggest you check it out - it is a surprisingly professional set up. One of the things they have done is take the old (and excellent) set of AWI rules: Loose Files and American Scramble by Andy Callan and add a few bits and twists of their own. The result is a set of rules called Live Free or Die, which give a great game. There is also a scenario pack available and several free scenarios also feature on their website. Our regular group has played them a few times and really enjoyed them. Two of their main virtues is that they are short (4 pages) and simple, but seem to cover all the bases pretty well. The games move at a great pace and the rules have really re-ignited my interest in this period, which had stalled a bit of late. 

That said, I thought I would show some of the units I have painted up since my last AWI post - which was nearly 3 years ago!

First up is my interpretation of Lee's Legion (only done the infantry so far). This was a high class unit, led by "Light Horse" Harry Lee, which distinguished itself in numerous engagements. They are based in pairs, rather than 4s so they can deploy in skirmish order if desired. At 20 figures, it is somewhat over-strength, but much smaller and it becomes a bit fragile in action.

Next is only my second unit of continentals: the 1st Maryland, to go with the 2nd Maryland that I painted some while back. At 36 figures, this gives me a very nice Maryland brigade to serve as a core for my American army. The flag is another Mark Allen hand painted job (as are all the the banners for this collection). I have portrayed most of them in the light infantry cap as per the Blandford illustration, although it probably isn't that accurate. As with my other American units, I have mixed up the headgear and dress to same extent to make them a little less uniform. Some units will get this treatment more than others, but I wanted my Maryland brigade to be a bit smarter, as befits the elite of the army. 

Finally a couple of command bases and light "galloper" gun with a civilian (and mixed) crew!

Next up will be the additions to my British army.


Thursday 26 May 2022

Partizan 2: A Special Demo Game

Another excellent day out at Partizan last Sunday.  It really is a great show with the usual selection of first class games on display. Top of the list for me was the marvellous game put on by friends of the late Ian Smith; the game he was intending to showcase himself but for his untimely death. It was a fitting tribute. Here are a few photos of the game - enjoy!