Friday 12 July 2019

More AWI

After a bit of a break (!) since my last post, here are the latest additions to my AWI collection. First up is a fairly generic Loyalist militia unit. There are 24 figures in total, all from the Perry range. Usefully five of the bases can be used as rebel militia if required, as they are indistinguishable, being in civilian dress. The command base has three of its four figures in red coats, just to set them apart a little, whilst the flag (another lovely Mark Allen production), identifies them as unmistakably Loyalists. They are marching across the first of my newly re-vamped terrain boards - a project that is progressing slowly but steadily. Will do a post on them later when I have more done.

Secondly, a unit of a dozen rebel rifles to add a bit of long range sniping ability. My American force now stands at 1 x 36 Continentals, 2 x 24 militia, a light gun and a dozen skirmishers. The forces of the Crown are lagging behind somewhat, with a mere 24 man militia battalion, a dozen militia skirmishers (which can also double as rebels at need)  plus a dozen Hessian jaegers. I am currently working on a 40 man unit of 71st Highlanders to even things up a bit. When they are done, I will at least have enough for a game of Sharp Practice. Ultimately, I want to be able to play larger battles of 3-5 brigades a side, but that may take some time.