Saturday 4 August 2012

Regiment La Marck

As promised here are a few pics of my latest Grand Alliance French (actually German) battalion. This regiment fought in Italy and Flanders during the war. It also served at 3 of the big 4 Marlburian battles: Ramillies, Oudenaarde and Malplaquet. I was attracted by the uniform - light blue faced yellow - a nice contrast to the more common white/light grey - as well as the flag; beautifully done by GMB

The figures are my usual blend of Dixon and Warfare Miniatures. Phase 1 of this collection is nearly complete, with only 2 x 36 English battalions and an 18 figure regiment of French horse to paint. Phase 2, which I hope to start in 2013, will include French household troops (foot and horse), Gensdarmes and a Danish contingent for the allied cause. The rest of my painting time this year will be taken up with Napoleonics, Italian Wars and 20mm WWII.

If you fancy a unit or two for your own collection, please let me know as I am now taking on new commissions.