Wednesday 26 October 2022

AWI British

Following on from the Americans that featured last time are some more British. First up is a generic Loyalist unit in a mix of red jackets and civilian dress. One of the things I like about this period is the ability to mix and match costume within a unit, particularly for the Americans - this unit is fairly well provided for but still a bit ragged.

Next is one of my favourite units, the 71st Highlanders. Veterans of numerous actions in the war and a must for any AWI British force.

Next is the equally famous 33rd Foot, also veterans of numerous actions. Did them in roundabouts as they are extremely easy to paint, carrying minimal kit and having no regimental facings.

After them the 23rd Foot, distinguished by the white hat feathers. This is the second unit to be done in roundabouts (and probably the last). I am not really sure how widespread this form of dress was and the next two battalions probably the 63rd and 64th, which are already winging their way to me from the Perrys, will be in cut down coats

Can't claim any credit (other than the basing) for the next unit - British light dragoons in southern dress, painted by Mark Allen and purchased by me a few years ago.

And finally three command bases, the last one also by Mark Allen - I really must work on my photography!!

As I mentioned there are two more British units to do and a couple of Hessians, which should boost the collection considerably. After that probably more continentals, British light infantry, grenadiers......!

Thursday 20 October 2022

Let's Fight Leipzig!

Following on from my Seelow Heights scenario book, published a couple of years ago, I have decided to go back to one of my first loves in wargaming - Napoleonic.

Always a big fan of large scale battles, especially re-fights of historical actions, I thought that a Napoleonic scenario book would be fun and interesting to do. I took the title from Peter Gilder's articles in Miniature Wargames 4 and 5 (all the way back in 1983!) and it is, I suppose, a kind of homage to him and everything he did for the hobby.

The book itself is very similar in style to my Seelow Heights volume, with a dozen scenarios featuring attractively drawn maps and detailed orders of battle. There is a little background information as well, although I have cut this back compared to Seelow as it is very easy to find detailed material on this battle from such authors as Nafziger and Hofschroer amongst others. I have also included a large number of colour photos of troops in action; below are three of the working snaps I took, prior to having the actual shots taken by a professional who knows what he is doing! I must admit they look pretty nice.

Publication should be around the end of November.

I will let everyone know when it is available, mainly on various Facebook pages and wargaming forums or you can keep checking back on this blog for the latest updates.