Tuesday 28 April 2020

Napoleonic French Infantry

I am a fair bit further back with my infantry arm, only 3 standard (36 figure) light infantry battalions and 3 small (24 figure) line battalions. The lights first featured on this blog almost 10 years ago (!!) in their first iteration as 24 man units. All I have managed to do is bring them up to strength. Not great progress in a decade. Ah well. Better late than never.

The 3 line battalions I decided to leave as 24s in order to get some units on the table - with my rate of progress, probably a good idea. I do at least have another couple of battalions of 36 painted, awaiting basing. Just about enough for a game. Figures are mainly Perry metal, with a few plastics thrown in.

At the moment I have no artillery or skirmishers done, so that is the next priority. I do however have some very nice Mark Allen command bases, which will feature in the next post.

Sunday 19 April 2020

The Napoleonic Collection Takes Shape - French Cavalry

Like many others I have been trying to assemble a useable Napoleonic collection for years, only realising, when it was too late, what a monumental task it is. Probably the biggest stumbling block was finding a set of rules that I liked well enough - we all know that feeling. Only relatively recently has that been resolved with the publication of General d'Armee. Finally settling on these rules has necessitated a certain amount of re-organising and re-basing, which has allowed me to put together the core of a collection and given me the renewed enthusiasm to continue the project.

This wretched Covid 19 business has had the unexpected side effect of keeping me indoors much more, especially at the weekends. Result: a greatly increased output. I have had many of the units for a while, but in different forms and have had to paint up reinforcements to bring units up to strength - most of my infantry battalions were in 24s and my cavalry in 8s. Whilst I am still a fair way off yet, there is light at the end of the tunnel.

To start, here is my French cavalry so far; mainly my own work, but with the odd foray into the transfer market to strengthen the squad!

First up, two standard sized regiments of Cuirassiers (18 figures)

Backing them up is a regiment of Carabiniers. These lads were part of a collection I bought a while back - beautifully painted by Mark Allen. All I did was repair, re-varnish and re-base. The chap I bought them from had them organised in regiments of 12 or 16. The former were just incorporated directly as "small" regiments, the others, like this particular regiment, have been "stretched" to fit the standard format of 3 "squadrons" of 6, by the simple expedient of putting just a couple of figures on two of the bases. I am not going to try and imitate the style of a master!!

A couple of shots of the heavy cavalry component so far.

Next is my only lancer regiment (at the moment). Another Mark Allen production. The sharp eyed among you will have noticed that there are only 11 figures in this unit. The 12th was a standard bearer that I decided not to use - he has been converted into something else - and the base featuring the tumbling horsemen was left with only 2 figures - which is enough I think.

Next is my hussar brigade. The first regiment was painted by me a while ago. There are only 12 figures, but have another 6 to do to bring it up to strength. Old Foundry figures, but still very nice.

This is another Mark Allen unit, again just repaired, varnished and re-based, The same Foundry figures. A nice light cavalry brigade.

Last but not least, the unsung heroes of the French mounted arm - chasseurs a cheval. Again these were consolidated from a load of 8 man regiments, with enough to make a standard and a small regiment.

So there we are, it's a decent start but still a long way to go. Have a couple of Saxon heavy regiments to do and then will need to put in an order with The Perrys for some Guards and some line dragoons.
Next up will be the French infantry.

Take care everyone.