Friday, 24 July 2015

Heavy Metal

Artillery did not play a major role in most battles of this period. Both technically and numerically, it did not have the effect that it would a hundred years later during the Napoleonic wars for example.  Nor were guns organised into formal batteries, rather they were parcelled out as required on the day. Large groupings of guns were also fairly rare and so I have simply organised them as single models, each representing perhaps 4-6 actual pieces.

So far I have painted 3 English, 1 Dutch and 3 French guns and crew; probably a little light, but enough to be going on with.

                                                         The English

                                                         The Dutch

                                                           The French

The effects of artillery in the rules is fairly modest, more of an irritant that a battle winner. Having said that, they can be quite nasty at close range and troops under fire for long periods can be significantly weakened before the main attack goes in. Eventually, I will probably look to have a gun for every 5 or 6 units of infantry/cavalry in the army.

Next up will be some command bases, which do play an important role in the rules.

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