Monday 3 August 2015

First French cavalry brigade

When considering where to start with the "Great Cavalry Upgrade", I realised that a number of the French regiments were dressed exactly the same. This has meant that the first brigade is a bit of a freebie, as I have simply amalgamated and re-based existing regiments. The Royal Cravattes, a 3 squadron regiment, has simply absorbed the Royal Etranger; all I had to do was discard the extra standard bearer and replace him with a casualty figure to make a 24 figure unit.

I also had no less than 4 regiments (48 figures) of French horse with the same facings and saddle cloths. Allowing for the discarding of superfluous standard bearers and trumpeters, this has allowed me to create 2 regiments of 16 and a third regiment which needs an extra couple of troopers to finish it off.

So, for not too much effort, here is the first French cavalry brigade in the new format. In the first line are the regiments Rohan (left) and Boufflers (right), with the Royal Cravattes in the second line.

The hard work starts now though, as most other units will have to be upgraded by adding extra figures. I have bought another 18 troopers, which are under paint at the moment. These will upgrade the third French regiment with the two necessary troopers, whilst the remaining 16 figures will finish off my 4 Dutch line regiments. After that, there are still more units to do, so a big job. Hopefully, it will be worth it!

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