Friday 17 July 2015

New Recruits

Am nearly there with the new terrain boards and really looking forward to getting some of these toys on the table before Christmas!! I have managed to get another couple of battalions done in the meantime, one for each side.

For the French the regiment Lyonnais, the usual mix of Warfare Miniatures, Dixons and GMB flags. This brings my French army up to 15 battalions in total, plenty for a good sized game.

For the allies, the regiment Brandenburg-Preussen - a Prussian unit in Dutch service. The flag is actually from the GMB 7 Years War Prussian range - a very close match. This is my 13th allied infantry battalion, with the figures undercoated for a couple more, when time allows.

The next post will show some new cavalry, with notes on organisation for the rules I will be using.

1 comment:

  1. Looking good and I'm looking forward o seeing these fellows in action.
    Best wishes, Jeremy