Friday 27 August 2010

Infantry Regiment Salisch

The final regiment in my first Dutch brigade. The figures are all Dixons, with the exeption of the officer on the left and the prone casualty figure on the right, who are from Wargames Foundry. The flags are, once again, from Maverick Models. The two ranges are very compatable both in size and design and I mix them together fairly freely in my units. I understand that a new and comprehensive range of Grand Alliance figures is being prepared for release in the next few weeks - details are on Barry's League of Augsburg website. From a comparison photo, they look to be a near perfect match for both Foundry and Dixons and I look forward to their release with anticipation. In future posts, I will feature some cavalry and also some French units.


  1. Nice job!, take a look at my blog for similar stuff.

  2. lovely, I wasn't aware of this flag range.