Sunday 29 August 2010

Infantry Regiment Limousan

This regiment also served in Flanders and Italy and was present at Malplaquet in 1709. As with the previous unit, I chose a firing line motif, with Foundry musketeers and Dixon standard bearers and pikemen. There is, unfortunately a distinct lack of reference material for this period, compared to say the Napoleonic Wars, particularly for uniforms and flags. A great help though are the various cds (available from Baccus), which contain numerous colour plates and background information. The French army is particularly well served, with comprehensive coverage of the infantry, cavalry and dragoons. I print them off on 160gsm paper (more like thin card) and they provide a beautiful reference resource.

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  1. much more info about the French then the Spainish and Dutch. The Caliaver books series is very handy also.