Friday 2 December 2022

Let's Fight Leipzig! An Update

Hi All

Finished at last and here is the front cover:

I am really pleased with the way it has turned out. There are a dozen scenarios from the great battle, each with some background information, specially commissioned maps and orders of battle as well as special rules where appropriate for each scenario.

There is also a little historical background to put the battle into context, but unlike in my Seelow Heights book, where much of the information I included was less widely known, Leipzig is a very well documented battle, so I have kept it to a minimum.

Here is the map from the Lindenau scenario. All are full page and, (I think), have come out particularly well.

Due to the Christmas rush, the printers think that delivery should be around the 15th of December - a bit tight for Santa! So I am taking advance orders now if you would like to get a copy in time for the festivities. Apparently last posting date for 1st Class mail is the 21st. This will allow me to pre-write the envelopes and get them out the day after they arrive from the printers.

Please email me at to reserve a copy and please be sure to include your FULL address and postcode.

The book costs £19.50 + £4.00 postage and packing in the UK (£23.50 in total). To Europe the total is £27.00 and £29.00 to the rest of the world.

Payment via PAYPAL to my email address:

Those of you in North America should be able to obtain a copy from "On Military Matters" in due course. I am also pleased to report that Elite Miniatures Australia have agreed to carry it for me Down Under. Please contact them if you would like to reserve/order a copy.

I hope you like it!

As a one man band it is rather difficult to get the word out about what I am doing, so if you know anyone who might be interested or, if having bought it, you feel able to give it a review or mention on any blogs, forums or Facebook pages you visit, I would really apprecate it.

Many thanks.


  1. Good luck with this book Steve. Hope that it sells well for you

  2. Thanks very much Tony. I hope so too!

  3. Hi, is there a grand scenario for the whole battle and what rules is the book aimed at? Cheers Jason

  4. There are two scenarios which can be linked together to make a larger game and any of them can be expanded (or scaled down) according to the resources available to the players. The scenarios are easily adapted to any rules set in use. Having played the whole battle at the Wargames Holiday Centre, you would need a pretty big table to do the whole thing!

  5. Congratulations Steve and I’ll prepare to send off my order to Dave asap.

  6. Recieved my copy today (from Elite Miniatures Australia) and am really pleased with what I've seen so far - maps and orbats look great!

  7. Thank you - pleased that you like it. Carry on the great work with your blog - entertaining stuff!!

  8. Picked up my copy from Perrys at Hammerhead today. Bloody brilliant! When’s the next book out and what campaign/battle will that cover.

    1. That is very kind of you. Next one will probably be another WW2 book though. Working on a few ideas at the moment.