Wednesday 3 June 2020

Napoleonic Russian Infantry

Again these units have been upgraded from 24s to 32s for use with General d'Armee. However with these 32 man battalions I have used 3 bases of 8 and 2 bases of 4 so that I can represent 24 figure "small" battalions as well as 32 figure "standard" battalions using an even number of bases (4) so I can form neater looking attack columns. I think the chunkier looking 32 figure battalions do look nicer, although having to paint those extra figures is a bit of a chore. Still, once it is done, it is done and the result, for me, is worth it. Only have a couple of jaeger battalions at the moment - am looking to increase that to 6 eventually. All figures are Foundry and the flags GMB.

Next up are 3 battalions of grenadiers, each 32 strong (made up from 4 earlier 24 man units). Again they are based in 8s and 4s. I also have a couple of battalions of Mark Allen Pavlovs to varnish and re-base when I can get round to it. they will also double as Guards from 1813.

Below are 16 bases of skirmishers. In General d'Armee, the Russians usually get a lower allocation of these, so this will probably be all that I will need. They are based in threes as per the rules, so that on the third casualty a base can be removed from the table - this is the only figure removal in the game. These are all Perry Miniatures.

Lastly the bulk of the infantry - 9 musketeer battalions, all 32 figures strong. Would like to add another 3 in due course. Foundry figures with GMB flags.

I have a couple of batteries of artillery and command bases to finish off. That done, I should have enough to play a reasonable sized game. After all this time, it will be great to get them on the table.


  1. Very nice job, most impressive and beautiful mass effect!

  2. Steve, they look great. Big battalions though. I find painting 12 at a time can be a chore. Wading through Poles for Utitza. Glad Salute and Partizan postponed as would not be ready!

    1. Thanks Simon. Yes, even 12 can seem a lot at times. Hopefully see you and your game at Partizan before too long.

  3. Thanks Phil. Napoleonics is about mass I think. Nice to play with, a pain to paint!

  4. They look great regardless!

  5. Looking great Steve. Quite the little army comrade. Can't wait to try Us a again.

  6. I know. Missing the wargaming I must admit! Hopefully we can play again soon.