Tuesday 28 April 2020

Napoleonic French Infantry

I am a fair bit further back with my infantry arm, only 3 standard (36 figure) light infantry battalions and 3 small (24 figure) line battalions. The lights first featured on this blog almost 10 years ago (!!) in their first iteration as 24 man units. All I have managed to do is bring them up to strength. Not great progress in a decade. Ah well. Better late than never.

The 3 line battalions I decided to leave as 24s in order to get some units on the table - with my rate of progress, probably a good idea. I do at least have another couple of battalions of 36 painted, awaiting basing. Just about enough for a game. Figures are mainly Perry metal, with a few plastics thrown in.

At the moment I have no artillery or skirmishers done, so that is the next priority. I do however have some very nice Mark Allen command bases, which will feature in the next post.


  1. Stunning job Steve, and impressive pictures...

  2. Thanks guys. Very kind. Wish I could take better photos though!

  3. They look very good, but need more company!

    You need to put the nose to the grindstone if you're going to make much progress. :-)
    I usually (including right now) paint 72 French at a time, although I use smaller, 18 figure units.

  4. Brilliant look forward to seeing these on table soemtime in the future! In the meantime WOW 2 posts in less than two weeks. Brilliant!

  5. Yes - point taken. I must do better. Hope you are willing to try General d'Armee again after cheating you of victory last time!!

  6. As long as I can blame someone else for not winning all is good Steve soo yeah of course I will try it again.