Sunday 9 February 2020

A Normandy Village (Part 1)

After all those plastic late war German buildings, I thought it was about time to make a start on a Normandy village. The basic house modules were laser cut for me by Martin at Warbases. I did the roof, base, additional details and texturing, plus of course the painting. I decided that small was beautiful and tried to keep the footprint down as much as possible. That way I decent size village of 3-6 modules won't take up half the table.

Here are the first three, a double and two singles. Am probably looking at half a dozen modules including a church for the first village.

The roofing is Wills slate roofing - right scale and easy to do; I used to do individual tiles, but decided that life was too short! If properly coloured and dry brushed it does the job.

Will post the rest when I get them finished. Sorry about the quality of some of the pics - the overhead strip lights don't help and I am no photographer unfortunately. Even so, I hope you like them.