Saturday 30 June 2018

Grand Alliance Vignettes

This post is, alas, the swan song of this particular collection. A few months back I received an offer that was "too good to refuse" for the whole lot. They are now campaigning in Germany under a new owner. These vignettes are just a few odds and ends of figures that I had kicking around, so decided to paint them up for old time's sake. They will doubtless make their way onto EBAY in due course. It was a difficult decision to sell them all - around 1,000 foot and 300 mounted (!!), but it is one of the facts of life for a professional figure painter. Never mind, the cash will be re-invested in future projects I am sure!


Speaking of which, terrain, WWII, Napoleonic, AWI and Italian Wars are all competing for valuable hobby time. No matter how hard I try, I can't seem to focus for too long on one period - easily bored I suppose. One thing I am particularly keen on at the moment, is trying to adapt TFL's Sharp Practice for larger (2-300 figures a side) AWI games. I think the mechanisms really lend themselves to this period. Whether I will be able to make them work, only time will tell. Will certainly report back if I do. The WWII rules are still under development, but the response from the lads has been very positive so far. Progress has been halted somewhat by playtesting Olicanalad's 18th Century rules - his adaptation of the Piquet system - for Roger and Mark's growing GNW collection. I have to say that they are looking very promising. I was fortunate enough to have an earlier run out with James himself using his quite superb SYW collection.

Anyway. Will report back when I have news. For now, here are the links to the blogs concerned.

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