Monday 30 October 2017

German Armoured Recce Infantry Company.

This is the first instalment of vehicles to give my German infantry a bit of mobility. Here is featured an armoured recce infantry company mounted in 4 x sdkfz 250 APCs. The vehicles are from PSC and are lovely little models. I have added stowage and crew figures, both PSC and from other sources and am quite pleased with the result.

The company is comprised of three infantry platoons, each mounted in a 250, with an attached MMG and HQ group in the 4th vehicle. A mobile force that packs a decent punch. In the rules that I will be using, the figure scale is around 1:10. I usually de-centralise the battalion support weapons down to company level where possible, hence the MMG. The HQ group (2 figures) is there to provide enhanced command and control, as well as to spot for the battalion support weapons. This will take the form of a further 250 kitted out as the mortar variant - the vehicle is finished and awaiting its complement of crew.

I have also done the HQ (37mm gun) version, which is likewise awaiting crew. I am also working on a load of 251s to form an armoured panzer grenadier battalion, along with a number of armoured cars to complete the recce battalion. More to follow.