Friday 12 July 2013

Seelow Heights

Unfortunately I seem to be having problems uploading photos to the blog for some reason. I managed this one, but can't seem to get any further - the wonders of modern technology!! This image shows 2 of the 3 special terrain boards I am making for my Seelow Heights demo game for Partizan II this September. The game will be fairly small - 7' 6" by 5' board, featuring a mixed bag of panzer grenadiers, Volksturm and others  attempting to hold the Soviet hordes at bay. I have still to complete the Seelow Heights part of the terrain as you can see, as well as making a load of buildings and painting all the vehicles and most of the figures. It will be tight, but I should make it. Hopefully I can resolve my technical issues and post a load more pictures as I progress.

If you are at the show on September 1, by all means pop over and say hello.

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