Saturday 2 March 2013

Grand Alliance French Cavalry

A few months ago, I decided to sell off all my old Dixon and Foundry Grand Alliance cavalry and replace them with the superb new Warfare Miniatures range produced by League Of Augsburg supremo Barry Hilton. Barry not only paints and writes, as well as tying down a day job, he has also launched an ambitiously comprehensive range of figures for what is a fairly niche period. From what I gather, they are selling well and the range is going from strength to strength.

A few months ago I bought a large batch of cavalry and have almost finished them (10 regiments painted and 1 to go). I bought another batch recently (another 10 regiments!!) and these will keep me busy for quite a while! At least the units are small - 12 figures - and they are a joy to paint. Each regiment has a GMB flag, which set them off beautifully.



Regiment Boufflers

Regiment Marivault

Regiment La Tournelle

Regiment Rohan

Regiment Montpayroux

These 6 regiments are all the French horse I have at the moment. The remainder are English (2 regiments) and Dutch (2 regiments with a 3rd on the way). Ideally I would like to have 12-15 regiments per side minimum - a long term project!!

When I get my terrain boards finished, I am hoping to have a game of "Maurice" from the Sam Mustafa "Honor" stable . I have heard good things about them, not least that a decent size game can be finished in an evening. I am also quite fond of card driven systems - I like the unpredictability. More anon.

Should you fancy a regiment or two painting for your own collection, then you can contact me at A 12 man regiment, including flag (minus figures of course) would be around £85.00