Wednesday, 30 June 2021

You Can't beat the Dice!!

It's something all wargamers have said at one time or another - "it was all going so well but the dice deserted me". A chap who bought the Seelow Heights book when it first came out, got together with an old friend to try a couple of the games - it did not go well for him! Check out his report - you have to feel for the guy - unbelievable luck!

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He was playing German and here is his initial set up - good dispositions, the Soviets will have their hands full was my first thought - how wrong can you be!

The spectacularly ineffective King Tiger is about to be over-run. A lesson for us all!!


  1. Hi Steve. In my experience with Rapid Fire, King Tiger's are often ineffective. They attract bad dice and also artillery fire which has the same chance of destroying them as it would a been carrier. A mistake in the rules methinks. However, you do always feel tough if you have one and they look great.

  2. Yes, I have noticed the same phenomenon!!

  3. Hi Steve. I love the scenario book. I do have a question about the big Seelow scenario itself. It says that vehicles cannot traverse the slopes except by road. Can I assume you mean just the sloping ground and not the plateau areas or do you mean all of the heights including the areas beyond the slopes.? Cheers,

    1. Hi Chris. Yes that's right - just the slopes. They were very steep and difficult even for tracked vehicles, but the plateau is fine.