Tuesday 15 December 2020

Arrived at Last.

Well they did arrive more or less on time - 200 shiny new copies. Will get the pre-orders off in the next day or two. If anyone would like a copy, please let me know. See the previous post for details of how to order.

Nations In Arms: The Seelow Heights: Preview Copies. (steve-nationsinarms.blogspot.com)

For those readers Down Under, Simon (of Simon's Soldiers), will be stocking the book and able to send it to you far more cheaply and easily than I can. I will hopefully be getting them off to him shortly. Thanks to those who have supported this little venture by buying the book; I hope you enjoy it.


  1. Well done Steve (and John for his photos). From the images you’ve posted I can tell it’s a high-end product. I hope Chris F hosts a game or three based on your scenarios

  2. Thanks Chris. Yes, it would be nice to play some of them next year. John did a great job with the photos.