Tuesday 16 April 2019

Maultier Nebelwerfer

One of my favourite WWII vehicles is the fearsome Panzerwerfer. Mounted on an armoured Maultier semi tracked truck, it entered production in April 1943, some 300 being produced. It mounted 10 rocket tubes in two banks of five and carried 20 rounds, enough for two full salvoes. A further 289 of the ammunition carrying variant were also produced. The great advantage they held over the towed Nebelwerfer was the ability to quickly change position after firing - particularly important in view of their tell-tale firing signature. The armoured protection it afforded the crews was also valuable. First employed in the East, it also saw service on the Western Front, particularly against the British in Normandy and the Americans in the Ardennes. The main advantage of these weapons is the large area of ground they can cover with their barrages; the template for these weapons in my own Road to Berlin rules is considerable!

The model is a diecast one, another EBAY purchase, with an AB crew.


  1. Wow, most impressive and beautiful Panzerwerfer!!

  2. Cheers Phil. One of my favourite WWII vehicles.