Sunday 3 February 2019


One of the most versatile boxes that PSC do, is the Panzer 38(t) and Marder variants. In this case, I built them as the later war 138 model and they will be very handy to offer a bit of A/T support to my hard-pressed German infantry. As you can see, they come with some nice looking crew figures which, with the added ammo box helps to personalise them a bit. One of the three has been held back for a Fallschirmjager crew, still to be painted, again to provide a bit of long range hitting power to my paras.



  1. Good looking model & paint job, you're right about the crews too.

  2. Thanks guys. Must admit to being a big fan of PSC kits.

  3. Steve, the crew detail and added kit really does bring these lovely Marders to life. Excellent post, thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks Ken. Painting crew figures (see my hanomag post) is a big effort for no direct wargaming reward - but looks so much nicer!!