Monday 7 August 2017

Late War Buildings 4

The first of the buildings used has already featured in previous posts, the simple German cottage.

To which is added a small garden, with tree. Adding greenery of any kind, but especially trees, really brings these modules to life.

The next building is altogether grander, a really nice house, also via EBAY. A garden has been added to the side of this house. Notice how the cobbles leading from the steps continue into the garden. These little details really do make the difference.

And finally, the linking annex, which turns these two individual structures into a small war gaming street. Here seen from the rear.

And from the front with the Volksturm moving forward in its defence.

None of this is rocket science, just a bit of patience and imagination. Going forward I hope to be able to expand on this concept with other modules, including industrial and particularly "town" rather than "village" styles.

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