Saturday 22 July 2017

Late War Buildings 2

In this post, I would like to show  how a few different annexes and a bit of extra detailing can make the same basic model look a bit more interesting.

I bought four of these for about 20 quid on EBAY. It is a nice, but fairly basic "German style" cottage seen from front and back. Nice enough, but pretty boring en masse. The first thing I did was to add some extra timber work to a couple of them. Just styrene strip, but effective at this scale.

Here are the two side by side. Just the timber work and a different roof colour, but it makes a difference.

Here on the right is another cottage with timbering added plus a small extension made from plastic sheet and styrene strip. Not a huge difference, but again enough to give that extra bit of something. As well as varying the buildings themselves, you can alter the appearance and add a fair bit of  visual impact with different garden annexes. Here are a few that I have already made, but I am sure I will make more in the future as it is such a cost effective way of ringing the changes when making up a village/town layout.

There really is no end to the variety you can work into your basic building modules. Another option I would like to explore, when I can find the time, is annexes linking 2 or more modules together to make different looking streets using the same basic buildings.


  1. Excellent work ad usual Steve. Are we using these when we try out the new draft rules for WW2?

    1. They are indeed. Just working on the terrain boards at the moment.