Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Grand Alliance Parade Part 2 (French Infantry continued)

Before moving on to the Allied infantry, I thought I would post the three latest battalions that have recently joined the ranks of the French army. These are the Regiment de Navarre - one of the oldest regiments in the French army - and two battalions of the equally prestigious Gardes Francaises.


I was a bit concerned that this unit might look a little bland, as there is no distinctive facing colour to brighten up the basic uniform. I do like the flags though! The figures are, as usual a mixture of Dixons and Warfare Miniatures. The flags are from GMB.

                                            Gardes Francaises

I was particularly pleased with the way these two units turned out. I used the standard Dixon infantryman, without the Warfare Miniatures firing line figures to give a uniform advancing/at the ready feel to the units. Officers, standard bearers, drummers and pikemen are from Warfare.

This brings the total up to 14 French battalions - enough for a decent size game. Next up will be their Grand Alliance opposite numbers: the Danes, Dutch and English.


  1. Excellent. Like the guards in particular.

  2. Very impressive collection, and good choice of blue for the French uniforms!

    1. Thanks for your kind comments - much appreciated.