Saturday 23 November 2013

Scratch built farm


Just in case you thought I had left the country, here are a few shots of a small farm (7" x 7") that I have recently completed. I have been pretty busy (honest!) and have a whole range of new buildings under construction. Colin Murray of Warbases, from whom I sourced my windows, will now be making the basic frames for me. As he rightly pointed out, using a laser cutter is much less arduous and time consuming than doing it by hand. This means I will get a better quality frame that I can then decorate, texture and paint. I have some 20 different modules designed so far, many of which can be combined to make larger, more complex models. I am particularly working on some larger, urban dwellings to represent towns rather than villages. This number will continue to grow over the next few months. Please keep an eye on the blog and hopefully there will be more to see in 2014.


  1. These are great! Will these frames be available for purchase from Warbases?

  2. This excellent - keep them coming please!
    Have fun,

  3. GReg - no, I'm afraid not. I have had offers to do them in resin, but to be honest I think it is only fair to my customers for scratch builds to keep the "exclusivity" of design. Martin at Warbases has assured me that they are for my use only. Really appreciate the comments guys.