Saturday 16 February 2013



This is a bit of an interim post to prove that I have had my nose to the grindstone!!

The picture above is of a 30" x 15" "half board" that I completed today. The bocage is made from a base of 10mm Styrofoam, textured with tile grout. The hedging is made from that old favourite, rubberised horsehair, sprayed black and liberally coated in PVA before being finished with a blended flock and finally sealed with matt varnish. I must admit I was quite pleased with it, although the picture isn't brilliant.

The 2nd shot is of a full size 30" x 30" board. This is a more detailed piece with a partly sunken road running down the centre and with a more intricate bocage network. It still needs flocking and varnishing. This will hopefully get done over the next week.

So far I have also complete a full hill board and a full plain board with a half board with road to go with the half board of bocage at the top. I am currently working on a "T" junction with small hill and two "detailed" half boards. Although my terrain will have to do duty for all my wargaming needs, I do want to make a few specials for my 20mm WWII collection. These boards will be more detailed with built in features such as walls, hedges etc.

Over the next couple of weeks I hope to complete enough boards to lay out a full size battlefield. When I do, I will post some pics and more details. Hopefully this brief post will whet your appetite for what is to come.

I have also been pretty busy on the buildings front and should have a few things to show before long.

Right, back to work!!

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