Monday 2 July 2012

Dulce et decorum est

With so many figures to paint (and so little time!!), it is all too easy to overlook those  extras that make a game look that little bit special.  For me, the visual appeal of any wargame is, along with the enjoyabilty of the game itself, the most important thing. Terrain obviously plays a vital role here and I try to put a lot of effort into that area. Next up, is obviously the quality of the units on the table - I prefer fewer big units personally - a line of 36 British infantry clad in scarlet takes some beating. Another good way of tarting up a battlefield is by adding the occasional piece of redundant eye candy. I say redundant as they usually have no function in the game, other than to look pretty, but what is life without a little whimsy every now and then?

The man with the spade is a Dixon miniature from their Grand Alliance pioneer group. The attendant cleric is a Foundry figure. The subject is, it is true a little ghoulish, but a common enough sight over the centuries.

In truth, this post is a bit of a filler - it has been a while since my last one and I have been busy with some bigger jobs. I am just putting the finishing touches to a brigade of Napoleonic French cuirassiers and should be able to post them shortly. I am also working hard on a range of scratch built 20mm buildings for WWII, which are looking quite nice; again more to follow. Until then happy gaming.

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