Wednesday 23 May 2012

Bavarian Kurassiers

The most recent addition to my allied cavalry force, this 24 figure regiment should provide some extra punch. During the War of the Grand Alliance, the allied cavalry seemed to come off worst on most occasions against the better led and better trained French cavaliers. By the time of the Marlburian campaigns, the Bavarians had of course switched sides; only to come up against the rejuvinated allied horse. The figures are all Foundry, apart from the Dixon trumpeter. By using the water effect and the dismounted trooper, I only needed to paint 22, rather than 24 figures: a useful saving of time and money and looks quite good too!

Next up will be some pics of my French cavalry.


  1. Very nice looking troops Steve!

  2. Good paintjob!
    Really nicely and cleanly painted.

    I really like those K├╝rassiers...