Wednesday 26 October 2011

28mm Farm

I thought a few pictures of the building featuring in the background of the previous post might be of interest. Although the choice of pre fabricated buildings (mainly resin) has never been so extensive, nothing can really beat a piece made to order. Not only can it be made to a specific size and design; it is, of course, unique.

The materials I use vary; this particular model being mainly 5mm foamboard, with extras of wood, card and other odds and ends. The most time consuming part of the whole business is, without doubt, the roof - there are something like 2,500 individual tiles! In 20mm scale you can get away with plastic sheet material, as used by railway modellers, but this just doesn't look right in the larger scales. All of this ensures that scratch building is not the cheapest option, but a well painted resin model of this size, from a company such as Grand Manner, for example, would also set you back a few bob.

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  1. Wow, now that looks excellent!!! Gotta agree with you nothing does stand out like terrain, and this does just that, very , very well made!!