Wednesday 8 September 2010

Dutch Garde Dragonder

The Dutch Guard Dragoons, also known as Eppinger's, was an elite mounted regiment with a distinguished service record. At the Battle of the Boyne it was the strongest cavalry unit on either side, numbering over 6oo men and was prominent in the outflanking move against the Jacobite left. The regiment also distingished itself in the fighting in mainland Europe. At Steenkirk, the men dismounted and helped to cover the retreat of the army with their muskets. The inspiration for painting the regiment came from Barry Hilton (of League of Augsburg fame). I really liked his use of figures in both fur hat and tricorne; slung muskets and held on the hip. The unit, as befits its size in real life, is composed of 3 rather than the usual 2 squadrons. It is rated as Guard in BLB. The figures are all Wargames Foundry with a hand painted flag.

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  1. supurb job, my mate is doing this dutch regiment, I am hoping my French stand up to them!