Saturday, 29 July 2017

Late War Buildings 3

This building is a slightly larger two storey structure, with a more interesting roof and dormer arrangement. Again this kit, which I bought ready made, was cheap enough. Usually they need a bit of cleaning up, as most of them have been part of a static railway layout in the past, but it isn't normally much of an issue.

Again, the garden to the rear is a separate item, which can be seen better close up. The figures around it are from my Volksturm battalion. The fencing is of the simple railway modelling type, painted and weathered.

Texture the base, add some grass with a few tufts or plants and job done. Next up will be a post showing how a couple of different buildings can be linked together.


  1. Superb work here. This looks fantastic. Can't wait to see it'in action'.
    What WWII rules do you use?

    1. Many thanks for that. Have always used Rapid Fire but am working on a set of my own. Basically bits that I like pinched from other rules with additions and tweaks. Most importantly, they will be card driven - ugo igo just doesn't allow the manoeuvre and dynamism of WW2 for me. Still in the early stages, but am hopeful they will work and give an exciting game. We shall see!!