Saturday, 19 August 2017

Late War Buildings 5

My initial objective was to get enough smaller houses done to make up a couple of villages. Having done that and bought enough extras to make a couple more at a later date, I thought I would try something a little larger. These projects tend to be driven by what I can pick up on EBAY and this factory was too good to pass up. Again I got it for just a few pounds, in its original white brick and grey roof condition. I just re-painted it and put it on a base.

Here it is, front and rear views. As with the houses, I wanted the option of a larger footprint so I added a small area to the rear - just a shed, a flower bed and perimeter fence.

Add the two together and a very serviceable built up industrial area is achieved.

I have a couple more models waiting to be completed - a hotel and a brewery if memory serves. I have also been picking a few more complex two and three storey buildings for my biggest project - a German town. I have around half a dozen suitable buildings already, but will need as many again to achieve the right look. I also have a couple of churches to complete, so plenty to do. I am currently cobbling together a set of WW2 rules, using bits "lifted" from other sets and a few ideas of my own. They will also be card-driven, to try and inject a bit of uncertainty and movement into my games. Having used Rapid Fire! ever since they were published, I am looking for something with a little more detail, but not complexity. At the moment, they are just scribblings on scraps of paper, but I think they might work.

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