Saturday, 13 July 2013

Seelow Heights 2

Here is another pic which gives an idea of the basic terrain layout. There will be 6 boards in total, each 30" square. The 3 under construction at the moment contain the high ground defended by the Germans and consist of a network of trenches and dugouts holding both infantry and heavy weapons. The heights are split by a small valley (centre left) and the outskirts of the town itself will be on the main part of the heights to the right. There will be a couple of small villages in front of the heights and probably a single module hamlet on the high ground to the left. each holding small detachments of Germans. The low ground in reality was very waterlogged and extremely difficult going for vehicles moving off road - this will be reflected in the game by patches of marshy ground and small copses and movement/bogging penalties in the rules. I will be using Rapid Fire! with a few additions and amendments.

The orders of battle are still a work in progress. The figure scale will be 1:10, rather than the usual 1:15, with Soviet companies of 10 figures and German at 6-8 figures. There will be probably 2 Soviet rifle regiments in the main attack, supported by units of tanks and assault guns. Fire support will be limited to direct fire weapons as most of the Soviet artillery was in the process of moving forward following the initial bombardment of the German front lines, now abandoned.

Hopefully the Blogger gremlins are now sorted out and I will be able to post regularly, as I progress with the project..

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