Friday, 22 February 2013

20mm Buildings

This module represents a small village in 20mm scale. I find that laying out the buildings with walls and the odd tree breaks up the line of sight and looks more interesting than several buildings on separate bases - more integrated if you like. As usual, the buildings are made from 3mm MDF, with internal floors and removable roofs. The roofs are Wills plastic tiling, which is fine for this scale, although hand tiling is better for 28mm buildings.

The second module represents a fortified farm/small chateau, typical of France and the Low Countries. This is a more substantial structure, comprising a solid 3 storey house and large barn. The statue pictured in the final 2 photos is an optional extra!! The 20mm Britannia panzer grenadiers give an idea of scale. The 3 storey house has a removable 2nd floor, to allow access to the first floor and, of course removable roofs. The roofs in this module are done by hand.

The village comes in at £175.00, the chateau at £195.00 (plus £20.00 for the statue). Let me know if you are interested, or would like something specific making.


There are other projects well on the way to completion and I will post details as soon as I have them.


  1. Great looking buildings!

  2. These are really excellent - perfect for Rapid Fire and looking very much like the buildings in the rule book - fantastic work!
    Be cool, JJ