Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Cuirassier divisionaire

After the rigours of putting together a demo game, I have been very busy - hence the lack of posts.

One of the collections that is growing, albeit sporadically, is my Napoleonics. With a dozen Russian and 7 French battalions completed, I thought it was about time for some cavalry. What better than a brigade of French cuirassiers?  To my mind these are some of the nicest figures that the Perrys have produced and a joy to paint.

My cavalry regiments are usually 16 figures strong and I have one regiment under paint at the moment. With my own club (Leeds) hosting the FIASCO show this coming weekend, I will take the opportunity to pick up the figures for a second regiment from Dave Thomas. Eventually I would like a full division of 4 regiments (and why not?) and I thought that I would start with the command base. The commander is from the Perry heavy cavalry generals pack, the wounded trooper and dead horse are Foundry. The building in the background was scratch built by me. 

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  1. Great looking figure! Nice building too!!! Can we see any more pics of it??